3 Fantastic Books To Read With Your Toddlers : Smart Kids Series; Dinosaurs, Animals, & Space


I had been to chapters, but never realized they had a massive children’s section. Until I joined Dad Club London and found out from Jeremy!

We went in and asked about where we could find a book about dinosaurs. We had a #proudParents moment when the cashier sized him up (he’s almost three) and asked ‘cartoons?’ ‘Nope, facts’

There were several to choose from, but the second I opened Smart Kids Dinosaur A-Z, we fell in love.

These are the perfect books to read, or even just flip through…to tell your kids new facts about familiar animals, or to discover you’ve been calling a gravitholus a pachyselephasaurus this whole damn time!

The words are written in a manner that attract their eyes to words, and the photos are beautiful. The photos are highly detailed and have provided many more conversations and learning adventures than the words on the pages.

The paper is a little thicker than regular paper, but it could still be easily torn…I’ve been asked to ‘ok turn the page!’ many many times.

These are his goto bedtime books. And not reading awful stories again before they go to bed is pretty sweet!

They are the perfect size to cover both your laps as you read together and they snuggle in closer