Call to Action: Salvation Army needs Water

“Human nature is like water. It takes the shape of its container” – Wallace Stevens

People often ask me why I joined of Dad Club London. As with most things held dear to the heart, it is near impossible to pin down a singular reason, but the collective altruistic nature of this club is what stands in the forefront of my admiration.

Since becoming a member of DCL, I have witnessed endless amounts of compassion, whether it be towards our fellow members, or to those in need within our community. Personally I have gained a much better view on what compassion really means and have become a product of this environment. With an absolute degree of certainty I can attest to the fact that others within our club have had this same experience.

On June 12 2017, the Salvation Army released a tweet which read:
“The Centre of Hope is a cooling station at 281 Wellington Street and open 24/7. We are in need of bottled water donations!”

That was our call to action.

Through the generosity of our members, we scoured through the bottled water supply at many stores across the city, and fought supermarket lineups, in an attempt to make sure that those in need didn’t get denied a necessity of life.

866 cases of water flooded through those doors within a 2 day span on behalf of Dad Club London.

Water, and our access to it, is something many of us tend to take for granted. I’ve personally never put much thought into how something as simple as a bottle of water could impact so many people, but after seeing the reactions of the administrators when we walked in, it was personally a humbling feeling.

We are a diverse group of individuals and may not always share the same beliefs, but when we, as a group, come across a situation that demands our attention, it’s in our nature to take the shape of our container…

Below is a letter from The Salvation Army recognizing our efforts to make this city a better place.