To be a dad is one of life’s greatest gifts.  To struggle is human.  To see the smile of your child when they receive a present that they might have thought was only a wish and a dream will stir a level of gratitude never known to exist in one’s soul.

The members of Dad Club London come from all walks of life with one mission: To become the best dads possible and create a brighter future for our children.  One of the ways we are able to do this is through our new initiative – Dads Helping Dads.

All of our members work hard to provide all they can for their families.  Some of us have extra while others go without.  Dads Helping Dads aims to redistribute those resources to ensure all kids have the biggest smiles possible.

We will happily collect and redistribute to registered members any high end “want” items in the following categories:

If you have an item to contribute and help a kid who needs it, drop us a line: or via pm on facebook, instagram or twitter.


Current items available:

How to apply:

Send an email to indicating what item(s) you are interested in by May 31, why you need it, and who it is for.  All requests deemed legitimate and made by registered members of Dad Club London will be entered into a draw, and items will be awarded on June 1 to the applicants who are drawn.

Registered members in need are eligible for one entry per posted item per month, only successful candidates will be contacted for arrangements to receive their items.  Once your name is drawn once, all other entries will be voided

Applications and awards will be kept confidential.