DCL is a registered and incorporated not-for-profit with the mission of creating better dads and a brighter future for our kids.

We accomplish this through 100 in-person events, an online private members-only facebook discussion group, and a monthly e-mail newsletter.

To become a member, you must reside in Oxford, Elgin, or Middlesex Counties and either be expecting a child, or the father or father-role presence to a child.  You must then fill out the registration form in the top right corner of www.dadclublondon.com, and await a confirmation email.

There is no cost to being a member, and your membership can be cancelled by yourself by request, or revoked by Dad Club London administration upon written notice for a violation of the membership agreement.


Membership Agreement:

  • I agree to always conduct myself with integrity and honesty
  • I agree to respect and support the positive life choices of all members
  • I agree to share opinions, offer support, ask for advice, and encourage my fellow members whenever possible
  • I agree to conduct myself in a manner that would make other fellow dads and their children proud in my dealings and conduct in the community
  • I agree to respect the privacy and confidence of all other members by protecting their words, opinions, and contact information
  • I agree to ask questions and voice concerns respectfully and privately with DCL leadership whenever appropriate
  • I understand that the directorship of DCL is bound by law to report all instances or possibilities of self-harm, harm to others, or child abuse
  • I agree that in attending an event, myself or my child may appear in a photo or video from that event, and understand that the media item may appear on Dad Club London social media, website, or newsletter
  • I agree to not use the Dad Club London name or likeness for any purpose or benefit of my own without prior approval from the directorship
  • I agree that I will not “call-out”, “name-call”, berate, or otherwise bully any other member or leader of DCL, either in person or in the facebook group

I understand that by becoming a Dad Club London member, I accept these terms and the consequences associated with violating them.

A few brief rules for the Facebook group:


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