Dad Club London is made up of dads in London, Ontario and the surrounding area who connect in order to enhance our communities and improve the lives of our children.

This Facebook group is for the registered users of Dad Club London. If you have not done so already, please register on the website at in order to learn more about all that DCL has to offer. The website includes forums that provide much more functionality than the FB group and offer a better way to connect and keep in touch with your fellow dads.

DCL is an incorporated non-profit with a seven member team of directors. Our members have a widespread impact on our community in a number of key areas that all relate back to our main cause: supporting dads to help create the best and brightest future possible for our children. Your Admin team is comprised of Jeremy McCall, Derek Tang, Justin Paisley, Frank Emanuele, Nick Tountas, Ben Puzanov, Patrick Taylor, Alex Davy, and Ryan Blake. Please PM any member of the Admin team directly with any issues, questions or concerns that you would like to discuss privately.

Group members have the responsibility to keep all private and personal information shared in group discussions in strict confidence. This is critically important and establishes trust amongst members of our group. This group is a safe place to share problems, thoughts and views. Each group member is free to express his opinions knowing that they will remain within the confidence of other members in the group.  The Admins of the group are mandated by provincial law to report shared information on self-harm, harm to others and/or child abuse to the authorities.

A Few Rules: 

* If you own a business or offer services, please do not join the group for the purpose of promoting yourself and spamming the wall with posts that intend to make you money. If you participate in conversations, your work and the products/services you offer will come up naturally. Members may ask for help and you can then describe​ in detail what you have to offer. In addition, other members who know you and the work that you do will tag you and endorse you in relevant posts.

If you receive great service from a business, please post an endorsement. If it’s from a member, tag him so others can find him. Dads will support businesses and services that other dads appreciate and recommend.

There is a service directory on our website where you can list your products and services. Members can also request to be featured in an email newsletter. If your business would like to offer a perk to our members or if you’d like to advertise with DCL, please send an email to in order to connect with the Admin team. All advertising proceeds are invested into the work and programming efforts of DCL.

DCL is an organization for dads to network and chat — spam or unsolicited self-promotion of any kind will not be tolerated and will be deleted without warning. If you run a league, group, club, team, organization or business, please do not solicit memberships, attendees, sales or recruit participants on the group wall — such posts will be deleted.

* Please use the search function when looking for a service provider within DCL or refer to the website service directory and/or forums. The website forums are much more user-friendly than the FB group and allow members to search through threads that are organized by specific topics.

* Please note that there is a Buy & Sell wall, known as Dadjiji, on the website. The purpose of Dadjiji is to connect buyers and sellers in a friendly environment that is free from price gouging and scalping. If you attempt to sell products or items above retail value (e.g. sold-out toys, sports/concert tickets, etc.) your post will be deleted. Continued abuse of Dadjiji will result in removal from DCL. Dadjiji is completely free to all of our members.

* If you purchase a service or item from a Dad Club London member and are not happy with it, tell them. Be open, honest, prompt and thorough. If they do not resolve your complaint in a fair and timely fashion, then please follow the various legal recourses available to you. If you were defrauded, please contact the London Police Service’s fraud department. If you received a poor experience from a business or tradesperson, please contact the Better Business Bureau, London Police Service or look into small claims court. Dad-to-Dad business/service transactions are not the responsibility of Admins. If you don’t conduct yourself with the utmost integrity you will be removed from DCL. We are not a third party mediation service, nor are we liable for any purchases or contracts that you enter into with other DCL members.

* DCL relies on the generosity of our members to supplement the small amount of money that we are able to generate through other initiatives. All DCL revenue is invested into the work of the club and is used to put on programs and events as well as for the purposes of helping fellow dads who are in need. If you are struggling and require assistance, or are interested in raising money for a specific cause, please contact a member of the Admin team before posting such a request on the wall. DCL has specific funds allocated to helping fellow dads in need and we would like to ensure that these monies are distributed fairly. Posts that solicit funding for external initiatives will be deleted unless they align with the aims and objectives of DCL and are cleared in advance by a member of the Admin team.

* Asking for advice and guidance is a GREAT thing.  If you’re uncomfortable posting about your situation yourself, please contact an Admin and one of us will post it anonymously for you. One thing we cannot endorse is random and open requests for money. Periodically, the Admin team will post opportunities for creating social good outside of our group. Participation is entirely voluntary and optional. Individual crowdfunding efforts by members will be removed — there are no checks and balances in place to ensure authenticity or that the money pledged will go towards the intended end.

* Diversity is DCL’s greatest strength. We have members from different races and cultural backgrounds, of differing economic circumstances and of various sexual orientation. Please use good judgement and consider the differences of others when posting or you will be removed from DCL. Dad Club London is a safe place for dads to share their thoughts, views and opinions. We are here to learn from our successes and failures and the successes and failures of other dads. Statements and discussions that disparage others will not be tolerated. If you have concerns with a post, please click the down arrow in the top right corner of the post followed by “Report to Admin”. We can’t always be online so your patience in dealing with reported posts is appreciated. If you think a comment or joke in the group is in poor taste or inappropriate, tell the person who posted it that you have an issue with it and try to resolve it together. We are here to learn from our differences and grow together, but also to respect each other’s individuality. Threats and verbal abuse will not be tolerated and will result in immediate removal from the group.

* Please be selective in the content that you post or share.  Ask yourself: “Will this appeal to a bunch of guys I have not met offline? Does it have anything to do with parenting? Will it anger anyone? Should I post this on my own wall instead?”  If your post gets deleted, it was deemed inappropriate — please move on and discuss it somewhere else. Memes, shares and jokes are welcome as long as you keep diversity in mind and respect the differences of others.

* This Facebook group is intended to complement the website as a discussion and support venue for our members. Please do not treat this group as your alternative to a web search engine or the yellow pages. If you’d like to know the cost of a particular item, or where it may be available, search for it online — or better yet, phone your local retailer. Please note that there are a number of forums at that are dedicated for this type of discussion — if you would like to discuss these types of questions with fellow DCL members, please post it in the appropriate forum rather than clogging the FB feed with such subject matter. If you really need assistance from your Facebook contacts, please post the question on your own wall rather than the DCL group.

 * There may be times when you wish to share a great deal with your fellow Dad Clubbers or let everyone know of a particular sale that is going on that may be of benefit to members. Please use our dedicated forum that has been created for this purpose rather than posting in the FB group. Those members interested in such information will be able to find it much quicker if it is posted in a dedicated location.

* Your Admin team puts together opportunities to connect, both for dads and dads along with their kids, whenever possible. You will see events frequently discussed on the wall, listed on the group event page and listed in the calendar that is the group’s banner image. Event details are also available at If you have an idea for an event that other dads might want to attend (with or without children), please let members know! We will gladly spread the word if it’s an idea that meshes with our group and the interests of members.

Please come out to the events! You don’t have to know anyone ahead of time to attend. Let people know in the group that you are coming and they will ensure to seek you out, introduce themselves and make you feel welcome.  We are a very friendly bunch!

Please note that by attending our events you consent that DCL may use photographs and/or videos of you and/or your children at these events for any lawful purpose, including but not limited to publicity, illustration, promotional materials and web/social media content.

* Third party events (i.e. not organized by an Admin) cannot have a registration fee paid directly to the organizer. If there is a cost for your event, please do not pre-pay for it. The Admin team can set up a pre-payment registration process where deposits can be collected to verify interest — if we collect enough deposits by a deadline to book the event, we will help the organizer move forward with it. If we don’t meet the minimum number of required attendees, no one is out of pocket for the booking and those individuals who registered will have their money returned to them. Please contact an Admin if you’re interested in running an event for DCL members.

* What you do on your own time is up to you. When using the DCL name, we have an expectation of conduct by our members: Be good guys. Help others. Be polite and respectful whenever possible. Put your kids first. Provide the best childhood possible for them. Support local businesses and service providers when possible.

If your behaviour in the community reflects negatively on DCL, we will revoke your membership without warning.  Only members of the Admin team may speak on behalf of the group. If you use the DCL name to threaten, berate or boast in the community, you will be removed from the group.

* Dad Club London owns all legal rights to its likeness, name and branding. You do not have our consent to use our name, likeness, branding or logo unless explicitly and clearly stated by a member of our Admin team.  If you want some custom merch, please contact an Admin for approval and print-quality artwork.

* If you would like to buy merch, it is almost always available by either purchase or pre-order. Contact Pat Taylor and he can inform you of current stock availability. Our clothing apparel is produced through the awesome team at London’s Source for Sports. Our friends at Jumbo Video/Game Centre – London (located at 1080 Adelaide Street North) generously carry a selection of our merchandise. Please be sure to drop by and support Jumbo by checking out their amazing inventory! We are always open to new requests for merchandise options. Please note that we do not accept merchandise returns.

Dad Club London is a judgement-free organization where we welcome dads of all backgrounds.

Questions or issues? Please consult your Admin team. Tag us, send us a PM or drop us a line through the website at


Jeremy McCall
Nick Tountas
Derek Tang
Alex Davy
Justin Paisley
Frank Emanuele
Ben Puzanov
Pat Taylor
Ryan Blake

Please check us out on Twitter (@dadclublondon) and Instagram (@dadclublondon)