I can’t believe it’s almost over…..

Dad Club London’s summer send off member BBQ is here!

Our generous member Brad, owner of Baisle Aisling Exteriors, is once again inviting members and their families over to his house for an end of summer BBQ celebration.

An eventbrite URL has been emailed out to all members who are registered and on our email list, and you simply have to click the link to get his address and reserve spots for yourself, your partner, and your children.

All we ask is bring something to share (food, drink, dessert), and bring an unused back to school item. At the event will be 60 pounds of beef, water, juice, popsicles, freezies, and live entertainment.

We will be donating all collected back to school items to Women’s Community House, so that the children in shelter can go back to school with some brand new stuff in their backpacks and their heads held high.

The article’s featured image is a junior Egan with the 60 pounds of beef we consumed at the summer kickoff party.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!