How to keep your Dad Bod tip-top this summer

You’ve had a winter full of cakes and rich stews and creamy eggnog lattes, and now you’re on display. Everyone knows that summer is both a time for having your shirt off AND not exercising. Here are some tips to stay fighting trim the old fashioned way. Easy and lazy – the true dad bod way.

• Black coffee contains zero calories
so limit yourself to syrupy beverages. You are tempted to at least add sugar to your black coffee, but that only gets your halfway there. Make sure to order only drinks that feature caramelly drizzles or, if possible, come topped with a burst of whipped cream the size of a hockey puck.

• Trainers recommend getting 10,000 steps every day
But have you ever sat down and counted 10,000 steps? No, because you don’t sit down anymore because the obnoxious droid on your wrist keeps telling you to make your heart work. Address this by setting achievable goals: Start at 5,000 steps, and if that seems excessive, and it might drop it to about a manageable 250.

• You can manage dad bod sizes by using small plates
But then you end up with like three plates in front of you. Mountain everything onto one plate, it’s more considerate to the others around you.

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