Dad Club London has always offered a private and safe place for dads to engage and interact informally via telephone, email, social media, and in person.

Over the past 18 months, through incorporating and establishing merchandise sales and a monthly giving program, Dad Club London has been able to purchase insurance and is able to offer formal programming.

Website Forum/Facebook Group

For our registered members, we offer a safe and confidential place to discuss and share all of the questions, concerns, and insights that make us the unique, engaged, and caring dads we are.

Private email and online support

For those who are uncomfortable publicly discussing their issues or concerns, they are able to reach out to us via or the inbox at  and receive some private and confidential sharing of information and insights from one of our director team.

Peer Experts

For unique situations that require the insights of someone with lived experience or specialized training, options are available for registered members to request to be privately matched with another member with a background or lived experience in the presenting issue. This can be anything from child custody to divorce to becoming a new parent after 40, to real estate issues and home repairs.


Dad Beers, Dads Do Parks, Dads Do Breakfast, Dadcathlon, Takeovers, tours, Sports, Play Groups

We welcome all registered members to join us at any of the events published on our calendar and meet our member dads and their kids, in order to expand their social and support circles. We are all very friendly and welcoming individuals! We play pickup sports together, work out together, learn how to style hair, attend cooking classes with our kids, hold BBQs, organize clothing, furniture, and school supply drives, and even compete in a monthly 10 event competition of random skill called the Dadcathelon. We are are strong as the creativity and generosity of our members. Check out the Facebook page event calendar for what’s happening this month.

Dad Hoops, Dads & Kids get active!

Every Sunday (except holidays) during the school year, we offer FREE active play gym time for dads and their kids. For a low cost, dads can be part of a basketball league too! Full details emailed to registered members.