Why support Dad Club London?

DCL is a volunteer ran registered not-for-profit, with some lofty goals and a loyal group of members.  Over the last four years, DCL has been self-funded by its directors, and operated on a shoestring budget and the goodness of the hearts of others.

Despite not having any sustained funding, the organization was still able to host over 100 events, and raise over $12,000 for other deserving organizations.

With the financial support of its members and community, Dad Club London can fully encapsulate its mandate of being a community of dads building a better future for their kids.


What will be done with the money?

Dad Club London is a registered not for profit and must annually prove to revenue canada that all income is re-invested in the organization, and none of the managing directors will benefit from the finances received.

With consistent revenue, Dad Club London can achieve goals like purchasing insurance, and offering regular support groups and free drop in programs that emphasize positive fatherly bonding and active living for children.

Dad Club London would also like to further formalize its other successful programs, such as the giving store for dads in need of children’s toys and furniture, baby supplies, and sporting equipment.  We also would like to be able to start a dedicated fund for Christmas presents and program and activity registration fee subsidies for dads in need.

This all will be possible with your support, and we will keep you informed in every step along the way.


How Do I support Dad Club London?

We have two options.  We either offer a great list of perks and incentives for being a monthly patreon at a variety of very affordable donation levels

or we also will accept donations of a one time nature.  Please keep in mind that since we are not a registered charity, we can not provide a tax-deductible receipt.  We can provide an official receipt for accounting purposes by request.

Donation options – Paypal (button/link) or e-transfer to info@dadclublondon.com


What if I have a business?

Your business can be promoted to our huge and awesome member base in a variety of affordable ways, and connect with thousands of local dads and potential customers.    Please email info@dadclublondon.com to discuss further details.