JeremyPresident/Executive Director

    Hey fellow local dads!

    My name is Jeremy, also known as the big boss or the godfather.  I’m one of the two original captain of this pirate ship, and I am glad that you are checking us out.

    I’ve always been one for leading and organizing, and I never would have imagined that the initial goal of expanding my social circle to include guys who might be able to help me figure out what I was doing as a new dad would ever turn into this.

    I’m in my early 30’s, and am currently a father of two beautiful girls and one handsome baby boy, all under four, and reside on the edge of Old South along with my wife and dog. I love Wortley Village and everything it has to offer, and you can usually find me out exploring the neighbourhood with my family whenever the weather allows it.

    I’ve always been a busy and active person, and have been fortunate to see the world through having family spread all over our great planet, and by competing at some very high levels in basketball. At one point I was the #2 prospect in Canada at my position and was fortunate to play in the NCAA on a scholarship. Seven knee surgeries later, it was time for a new plan!

    I currently work in social services and have a background in both mental health and chronic illness. My wife is also a healthcare worker, so we are able to appreciate those from all walks of life.  She was so impressed by all of the fun and success that we were having, that she teamed up with Tyler’s wife and together they started Mom Club London.  They are doing some pretty amazing things in the world of motherhood!

    As the organization’s Tom Brady and Bill Belichick (Go Pats!), I am always interested in hearing what help looks like in the eyes of various members, and am always down to help organize a good time.   I look forward to connecting with every member in person and online, and am always just an email or Facebook PM away if I can ever be of assistance.

    Keep up the great work in the meantime, and please feel free to cash me outside! (On the playground, with my kids).