NickVP - Operations

    My name is Nick, I have lived in London for 13 years, and am proud to call this city my hometown. My parents relocated quite often as I was growing up, and I have lived as far as B.C. to Quebec, but spent most of my years growing up in a small rural community called Ridgetown, but London is where I established roots. I am a Knights, Leafs, and Red Sox diehard, and saw my childhood dream come to fruition last year while sitting on the top of the Green Monster in Fenway Park.

    I attended St. Clair College in Windsor, taking a HVAC technician course, only to drop out and move home. Unable to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, and sick of working dead end jobs, I finally moved to London to attempt HVAC once again. At that point in time, my son was a year old, and as I was separated from him at the time. It was the most difficult transition in my life. Being separated from him took a toll on me. I made many mistakes and questionable decisions to dull the pain over the years that followed coming to London. Luckily I landed an apprenticeship, started to clean up my act with the help of friends, and eventually was presented with a situation which would change my life forever.

    In October of 2008 I was awarded sole custody of my son after a lengthy court battle.

    I was a single father for many years. My son’s mother disappeared shortly after the court case. I had a fiancé, but separated with her, and then parenting became quite real for me. I struggled as a single father financially because I didn’t qualify for any subsidies, but wasn’t making enough to maintain a mortgage, vehicle payment, and private daycare. Emotionally, some days were a battle, but I’ve always been too bullheaded to give in.

    Today I reside with an absolutely amazing woman who is my rock. I am a step father to 3 wonderful children, and my son is now in grade 9. We live in Oakridge, and thanks to Jeremy McCall, I am proudly a member of the Oakridge optimists. My next goal is to become active with my Neighbourhood Watch. I am currently a unionized tradesman. I’m taking night school courses to transition into my new career down the road, health and safety, and I try to show my children that it is never too late to chase your dreams.

    I desperately needed a support circle like this when I was a struggling young father as I’ve never had a healthy relationship with my father. I have always sworn to not repeat the past. I still benefit from the advice from these gentlemen on a daily basis and, do my very best to be here for the ones who are waking the path I’ve been down.  Our team presents quite an eclectic wealth of experience and diversity, and are always available to lend an ear.

    Welcome to Dad Club London.