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    I was born in Cambridge but grew up in London, which I’ve always staked as my hometown. I’ve lived in Listowel ON, Waterloo ON, Borden ON, Gagetown NB, Wainwright AB, Shilo MB, Petawawa ON and after 15 years away I’m finally settled once and for all back in North London (Gods Country, in other words).

    I was a member of the Canadian Army for a little over 9 years. As my wife (going on 7 years) and I built our careers (RN, Soldier) and our family (Girl 5, Boy3) we knew that we could either be mediocre at both or excellent at one. Of course, that was the easiest decision I ever made, so I packed in the army to be a stay at home dad and I haven’t looked back. Now, don’t get me wrong… Staying at home full time with a savage 3 year old is way more difficult than surviving an arctic exercise with a tin cup and steel bag of food, but I wouldn’t trade these years for all the tours and medals in the world. I’m so glad to have this opportunity and I’m soaking up every bit of it.

    I’m what you might consider a bit of a renaissance man… My formal training is in Business Marketing and Human Resources, but I’m also a certified welder, sea container inspector, and security guard (of all things). In my limited free time I play guitar and operate a small online gift shop for literature enthusiasts. I’m locked in an eternal battle between my lust for food and drink and my love of being fit and healthy, and I’m always happy to lend whatever time I have to give whenever it’s needed.

    Dad Club London feels a lot like all the units I worked at before. All you guys in the same boat, struggling with the same challenges. There is always someone to ask a favor from or tell a story too. If you can’t find a comfortable home in this group than you won’t find one anywhere.