Thinking of having a second child? Read this first….

So, you have one kid. They’re probably anywhere between a year and three or four years old now, and you think you have this parenting thing mastered.

They eat well, they sleep well, their eyes light up when they see you for the first time in a few seconds, minutes, or hours. You say to yourself “I’ve got this. Being a dad is easy. I want to do this all over again, because I love my partner/want my child to have a playmate/making babies is fun.”

You’re not wrong. As a dad who is expecting his third child in January and simultaneously contemplating how to make way more money so I can afford everything x3, I am as excited as I possibly could be despite wondering how many hairs I have left to turn grey at the ripe old age of almost 33.

Do yourself a favour as part of your planning process, along with making a Best of Boyz II Men and All 4 One play list on spotify and stretching out your back. Read this article. It nailed all the considerations.

I Was Totally Home Free…(via