Dad Club London is a registered, not for profit organization that was founded by two local fathers. Our intention is to create an innovative and inclusive community where children and fathers can thrive through mutual support and shared experiences.

We are an organization free of bias, discrimination, and judgement.

Check out this video outlining our history from April 2013 to today:


Our mission is to create the best, most prepared and confident dads in the London area, and empower them to create the brightest future possible for our children.


Our vision is a community of confident, engaged, supportive, and prepared dads throughout the Oxford, Elgin, and Middlesex counties.


We are dedicated to providing a innovative and connected safe space in which fathers, fathers-to-be, and those contemplating fatherhood can learn and share how to be a prepared and successful father figure to the children in their lives.


Support fathers in their journey of raising their children
Educate our community about the value of a father figure in the life of a child
Eliminate barriers, dispel stigma, and promote equality throughout our community